Why Coaching?

So it’s 2018 and people everywhere are making (and already breaking) resolutions. The ones that really want to achieve their goals? They’re hiring a coach. Here’s why. 1. To keep score. Coaching doesn’t work unless there’s a score, unless you’re up to something or, the obvious: if you’re up against something. Coaching is meant to help you move […]


I’m making it simple these days – one rule to follow. Are you above or below the line? What’s the line? The line is the division between positive and negative. Above the line is about learning, being open to new ideas, generating energy, listening, taking time and effort to communicate better, giving people the benefit […]

OK -You’re Right. Now What?

The CRASH!  A farmer lived along the river so used his barge to bring his crops to the market every month. On this particular trip he headed upstream only to find another barge heading straight for him. The river was wide enough for them to both pass each other with plenty of room to spare, […]

Taking Stock

Last week my wife, Riv, and I had our 17th wedding anniversary. One of our gifts to each other is a box in which to keep our ticket stubs, receipts, mementos and little reminders of the coming year. Next year, on our anniversary, we’ll open the box and review the way we spent our time. […]